November 1, 2013

Healthcare Reform: We've Got You Covered

With tensions rising over the imminent deadlines of healthcare reform, Columbus Bar members can rest easy. The Columbus Bar, through its partnership with Willis and United Healthcare, has arranged for many law firms to renew their existing plans until December 1, 2014, effectively locking in existing rates for another year. This is just one way we are helping our members navigate through health care reform. Although the future of this bill as well as the impact remains to be unseen, at least our members can know their rates will not increase over the next 12 months.

Is your firm still evaluating its options before the Affordable Care Act is implemented? Renewing in December will allow your firm the extra time to make your next health care decision and delay these increases for another 12 months.

Many employers will be facing higher rates with the onset of adjusted community rating starting in 2014. Contact Char Bigelow, your Columbus Bar representative at Willis for details about the options available to you. If you have received a quote in the past 12 months, you will not need to complete new applications, making the evaluation quick and easy.

As employer requirements around the Affordable Care Act become increasingly more complex, firms are challenged with not only maintaining compliance, but the issue of how to continue to provide affordable health benefits to your staff. Willis’s National Legal & Research Group is a team of attorneys with specialized expertise and first-hand experience with the Affordable Care Act.

Char Bigelow
(614) 326-4907