September 20, 2013

2013 Judicial Preference Poll Results

The Columbus Bar annual Preference Poll results for candidates running for election in the Franklin County Municipal and Environmental courts are in. This information is not intended as an endorsement for candidates, but as a service to help voters make an informed decision when voting for judicial candidates.

Polling ballots were sent to more than 8,000 attorneys in Franklin County. Respondents were asked to indicate the candidate they preferred. Of the four judicial races being decided on Nov. 5 in Franklin County, three are contested. A total of 680 votes were cast for the candidates. The poll was conducted online by VoteNet Solutions and a statement included with the ballot requested that attorneys without “sufficient current knowledge or information about the candidates” abstain from voting in the poll.

Candidate Biographies

Visit the CBA's "Judge the Candidates" website to learn about the judicial candidates on the ballot for Franklin County courts.