October 11, 2013

All Aboard: New Committee Takes Off

The Transportation Law Committee will hold its inaugural meeting on Thursday, October 17, noon to 1:00pm at the Columbus Bar. The goal of the committee is to facilitate communication, offer networking opportunities and provide an educational forum for transportation law practitioners and other attorneys interested in learning more about the industry. The committee will be building an interactive webpage that will allow members to communicate and discuss relevant topics in real time.

Kevin Foley (Reminger Co.) will speak at the kick-off meeting on “Securing Evidence During an Accident Investigation.” This includes interviewing the driver, witnesses, police officer, retaining experts, and submitting litigation hold letters to the opposing party, as well as the client. The presentation will address on scene investigations and appropriate follow-up for major accidents from both the Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s perspective.

Under the leadership of Gary Tober, the committee will meet on the third Thursday of the month and cover topics such as current highway projects, accident investigations, transportation funding, traffic laws, common carrier liability, personal injury litigation, insurance coverage issues, and shipping and cargo.

Mr. Tober, who is excited about taking on the challenge of developing this committee from the ground floor, said “A Transportation Law Committee is a logical addition to the committees of the Columbus Bar. The committee will offer networking opportunities with other lawyers in the field and provide a forum for our members to receive updates on proposed legislation and recent case law. Moreover, we can attract speakers from disciplines such as insurance law, negligence law and traffic law.”

Mr. Tober serves as Senior Associate Counsel at the Central Ohio Transit Authority and is past co-chair of the Government Agencies Committee. If you have questions or recommendations for future topics or speakers, email directly to tobergd@cota.com.

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