July 28, 2014

Bullying In Our Schools

Join us for the Bullying Symposium CLE on September 4

by Greg B. Scott & Derek L. Towster

National studies suggest that about 70% of students experience bullying at some point during their education. The ramifications of bullying in schools can be catastrophic to a child’s education, but the effects of school bullying are not confined to the schoolhouse gates. School bullying can affect a child’s education, social development, familial relations, and behavior.

Accordingly, school bullying is not solely an education law issue. It can seep into special education proceedings, domestic relations, children services cases, juvenile criminal proceedings, and civil litigation involving minors. Given the breadth of legal areas affected by school bullying, it is critical that attorneys understand the legal issues surrounding the bullying. The “Bullying in our Schools” CLE on September 4 will be a helpful resource for education attorneys, family attorneys, domestic relation attorneys, juvenile criminal attorneys, and civil litigation attorneys.

The seminar will deliver a comprehensive view of the legal aspects of school bullying. It will begin by identifying the types of bullying that occur in our schools, including physical, verbal, and cyber bullying. In addition, it will address methods of preventing bullying and various remedies available after school bullying has occurred, including department of education guidance, school policies, and Ohio and federal laws. Finally, the CLE will be supplemented by a psychologist’s perspective on the effect bullying has on children and their families.

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