July 16, 2014

CLE Promise for the New Millenium

by Judy McInturff

The face of CLE has changed. We can kid ourselves all we want, but lawyers are just people, and people are ceding to technology and disconnecting from integrative and real society at a rapid pace.

With that disconnection, we have succumbed to the boredom and ennui of “forced learning,” the likes of which I have not experienced since asking my aeronautical engineer father a simple question at the dinner table that turned into an hour long exposition of the mathematics of time travel.

Technology has brought us convenience, including the irresistible lure of the blank computer screen that promises to deliver to us, over lunch, an in-office CLE experience the likes of which we have never known! Oh, yay! Computer replays of talking heads CLE! And all over a cold tuna fish sandwich eaten at my very own desk. Alone.

The truth is that distance learning is ineffective, not to mention isolating. Human beings (into which category lawyers neatly fall) are social beings. Disconnection from real people, despite chronic social media hype, is viscerally unsatisfying.

In the coming months, you will see social media used for good, especially in touting what the Columbus Bar has in store for you. As an esteemed and important member of the bar (and hopefully a member of our bar), we have re-tooled, re-vamped and invigorated the way we choose to deliver continuing legal education opportunities. Can you remember the last time you felt connected, recharged and excited about practicing law? Stay tuned. We have everything from art, wine and Top Gun pilots in store. When you see what’s playing at your neighborhood bar, you’ll want to come play with us!