Columbus Bar Introduces "Candidates" Website

Judge the Candidates is a service created to provide the public with impartial, nonpartisan information about judges and judicial candidates. Of the twelve judicial races being decided on November 4, eight are contested. On this website, you will find biographies provided by the candidates in the contested races.

Visitors to the site can learn about the processes of electing judges, the length of term limits, and the organization of the county court system. Users can access the current and previous results of the Judicial Performance Poll that summarizes how local attorneys assess the performance of judges. The Judicial Candidate Preference Poll, also on the site, allows Franklin County attorneys to indicate which judicial candidates they prefer during an election year.

“As a bar association, it is important to inform our members and the general public about judicial elections,” said Keith W. Schneider, President of the Columbus Bar. “We take this task seriously and this website gives the CBA the opportunity to help educate the public."

Judge the Candidates features links that provide information on judicial races outside Franklin County, non-judicial elections, and poll locations.