Judicial Preference Poll Now Online

Here are the biographies submitted by candidates who are running for places on the bench of the Franklin County Municipal Court. The Columbus Bar Association Judicial Preference Poll is online now, waiting for your attention. (For 30+ years the results of this poll have been regarded as important report for voters who seek information from the legal community.)

GWEN CALLENDER has worked for federal, county and city prosecutors’ offices, a private law firm, in house counsel for the Fraternal Order of Police, Ohio Labor Council, and the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police. She has also have served as President of the Dublin Board of Education.

Judge JAMES GREEN has been a judge for 18 years. He attended OSU Law School, has been an Assistant Supreme Court Administrator, Assistant Prosecutor and active with the ABA, OSBA and CBA. Green taught college for 25 years, helped found and served numerous boards, and initiated a high school scholarship.

KRISTEN MCKINLEY has a diverse background of legal experiences, including Ohio Attorney General, Court of Claims Defense; Nationwide Insurance Trial Division; Ohio Association of Public School Employees; and representing individuals who appear before the Franklin County Municipal Court. She attended Ohio Northern University, JD 1993. See www.kristenmckinley.com for full bio.

Judge AMY SALERNO has served on the Franklin County Municipal Court since 2005. Graduating summa cum laude from Youngstown State University (1979) and receiving her JD from Ohio State University College of Law (1982), Judge Salerno was in private practice for 23 years. She also served as Administrative Law Judge.

JAMES ADAIR is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati (chemistry), and Moritz College of Law. He served thirteen years as counsel for the Ohio EPA, and three years as Executive Director of the former Ohio Hazardous Waste Facility Board. He currently practices law as a general practitioner, including litigation.

Environmental Court Judge DAN HAWKINS is a lifelong resident of Columbus and graduate of OSU Law School. A former prosecutor, Judge Hawkins believes that clean neighborhoods lead to safe neighborhoods and has worked to expedite cases involving dangerous abandoned properties. He is married and has three children.

FRANK MACKE has been self-employed in the private practice of law since 1975, primarily in the area of litigation. He has volunteered in many community organizations and activities, and has served as an officer of several professional organizations. An endorsed Democrat, Frank and his wife, Marianne, live in Clintonville.

Take the Poll

Each fall, Franklin County attorneys are asked which judicial candidates they prefer, and the Judicial Candidate Preference Poll results are released in time for the November election.

The 2013 Judicial Preference Poll is now available and will remain online until noon on Friday, September 13. Please take a few moments to complete the poll.