October 25, 2013

Masters Series: Great American Trials Are on the Docket

It started with Lincoln on Professionalism. The next year it was the national award winning “Lawyers in American History,” followed last year by “Lawyers in Literature and Cinema.” This year, Judge Patrick Sheeran has orchestrated another unique and compelling program providing the annual requirements of ethics, professionalism, and substance abuse.

The “Masters Series: To Remind, Encourage and Inspire – Great American Trials and Their Legacies,” begins at 9am on November 12. Judge Sheeran is presenting the Trial of Charles Guiteau, assassin of James A. Garfield. He will be joined by Judge Stephen McIntosh, who will present Mississippi v. Roy & J.W. Milan, murder of Emmitt Till. Judge Carrie E. Glaeden will cover Illinois v. Albert Spies, et al., the Haymarket riot trial; and Judge Richard A. Frye with co-presenter Marion H. Little Jr. (Zeiger Tigges & Little) will present E-T-M Enterprises, Inc. v. Albert J. DeSantis.

John Beggs (Beggs Law Offices) will present the 1987-1990 California McMartin Preschool Abuse Trials; David W. Hardymon (Vorys) will cover the Larry Flynt trial; Ronald L. Solove (Solove and McCormick) will present the Wyatt Earp trial (O.K. Corral). The program will conclude with Douglas J. Althauser (Doug Althauser Law) presenting the substance abuse component. This is a 3.0 CLE Easy Pass Eligible program. For more information about the program, please call 614/221.4112. Click here to register online.