March 10, 2014

Meet Professionalism Requirements While Perusing E-Discovery and Metadata

One of the changes in Supreme Court Rule X which governs Continuing Legal Education is the unbundling of the professional requirements of ethics, professionalism and substance abuse. The 2.5 hours can now be achieved through any combination of these topics.

The Columbus Bar Association strives to make all of its CLE classes engaging, including the professional requirements classes. The first live class offering these components will be held on March 25. “E-Discovery and Metadata: Ethics and Professionalism,” a 3.0 hour class will provide 1.5 hour ethics and 1.5 hour professionalism.

Dianna M. Anelli and Kenneth R. Donchatz of Anspach Law will cover the ORPC Rule 1.6 and electronically stored information. They will also share their insight on discovery rules and ESI including the Zubalake case, Sedona Conference, current Ohio rules and practical applications. The program will close with a presentation by the duo on professionalism issues as they relate to cloud storage, social media, preservation letters and discovery consulting companies.

Register for this program online, or call (614) 221-4112.