August 15, 2014

Practice Driven Law Practice CLE

Holistic Representation for Your Client

Friday, September 12 (3.0 Professional Conduct CLE Hours)

by Bradley P. Koffel

I guarantee you that you’ve never been to a CLE like this. Alcohol, drugs, sex, greed, shifting cultural norms, social media, depression/anxiety, addictions . . . America! And, as a lawyer, you are in the middle of it. Time to have a conversation at the highest level and challenge yourself.

You’ve mastered your area of law? I bet you talk too much. Brand new to the Bar? I bet you listen to the old guys too much. Paralegal? We all know you are the one who really runs the office. Get in here and create your own professional practice. You are the one talking to clients most of the time anyway.

This ain’t your uncle’s practice of law. Even Buick reinvented itself. Now it’s time for lawyers to look at their life and their practice in a new way.

Your jaw will drop in the first hour when a local lawyer (that would be me) tells you that you are missing the most important parts of counseling clients in the post-modern era. I will confront you with bleeding edge advice we’re failing to give our clients (and adopt ourselves).

The second hour will grip you when you listen to Stephen Ladd (ultra-marathoner, Buddhist monk, holistic trainer, Miami University summa cum laude, master of intimidation) share with you the “things that can wrong” in our lives (and those of our clients).

The final hour will rock you when you hear Adam Ritz (NFL & college motivational speaker and syndicated radio personality) drop bombs on you that make you wish you would have been doing this stuff years ago.

Food, exercise, spirituality, modern medicine, provocative conversations, hormones, breaking bad habits, we’ve got it all covered in three hours. The seminar (CLE 3.0 hours) is Friday, September 12, 9:00am until 12:15pm. Register online or call (614) 221-4112.