November 1, 2013

Workers' Comp to Study Malingering

For the past two years, Dr. John Malinky has been collecting data from his patients regarding a study on malingering in workers’ compensation cases. Although the study has not concluded, the results to date are interesting.

The sample size has reached almost 150 participants. About two thirds of the patients surveyed were referred by injured worker attorneys and the other third was referred by the BWC or Industrial Commission. The data is broken down into which of the patients are suspected malingerers, feigning, or not malingering.

Dr. Malinky will present on the topic of malingering and reveal the current data. He will divide the results by the three categories and show the data broken down by who referred the patient. Please join us November 8 at 12:15pm for the presentation at the the Workers’ Compensation Committee meeting. Email committee chair Katherine Ivan at with questions regarding this meeting or the committee.