Serving Notice for February 28, 2014

In honor of Cheri Hass, who passed away last year, her 50 pound white poodle named STELLA, now being raised by her new mom and dad, collected doggie-chewable bones for Valentine's Day. Doggie bones were graciously donated by Stella’s new family members as well as lawyers Robert Koblentz, Barry Waller, Jeff Reynard, Delilah Nunez, Carl Fry, from the offices of Fry Waller & McCann, and the office of Linda Miller. Bones were sent from as far away as Indiana and California. Feedback from Deb Finelli (Franklin County Dog Shelter, assistant director) – the long term dogs definitely enjoy the bones. They provide so much stimulation and offset boredom for the dogs. "We are most grateful for your generosity. These bones will give our shelter dogs many hours of pleasure as they wait for their forever families!" Stella is planning on doing[ the same drive next Valentine's Day.

Thanks to our ABC 6 TV "Ask the Attorney" volunteers DAVID HASSELBACK, PHILIP SHERIDAN and JOHN ALASTRA. If you would like to volunteer for any Wednesday evening (5:00-7:00pm), contact Marion Smithberger at or call (614) 340-2070. All conversations with callers are private and confidential, and the 100+ callers are grateful for the free advice.